Soundproofing Offices and Conference Rooms

Soundproofing can be vital in offices, conference rooms or boardrooms, where concentration is key. Soundproofing in offices presents its own set of problems, however, as, with modern suspended ceilings, partitions are rarely taken to the ceiling soffit. This means that sound can easily transfer through the void, over the top of the partition. Lightweight partition walls can also pose problems when soundproofing offices and conference rooms.

Soundproofing offices and conference rooms 

Soundproofing in your office or conference room is important. You need to be able to hear yourself think, to hear what others are saying and to keep productivity up. Luckily, XS Applied Technologies are here to h in sound-insulating any commercial areas, especially offices and conference rooms.

Soundproofing in these areas can be awkward because of today’s thin partition walls and suspended ceilings in offices and conference rooms.


Acoustic products for soundproofing offices and conference rooms


When soundproofing offices and conference rooms, the most popular options are SoundBlocker, Soundstop and SoundBar.

The SoundBlocker system is ideal for soundproofing offices and boardrooms. It comprises a range of soundproofing ceiling tiles, each designed to cope with different levels of noise: there’s the standard office range, the private office range and the consultancy and interview range, depending on the level of soundproofing required in the office or conference room in question. SoundBlocker also comes with a range of accessories that can treat air grilles, modular and down lights, and perimeter details.

Soundstop and SoundBar can also help with soundproofing offices and conference rooms. They’re both acoustic ceiling barriers and are installed as a continuation of the partition within the ceiling void. Soundstop and SoundBar hang from the ceiling soffit to the partition head, and are a very effective method of soundproofing an office or conference room.

Sound-absorbing panels for soundproofing offices

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Another alternative for soundproofing an office, conference room or boardroom are SRS’s range of high-quality, high-performance, fabric-wrapped sound absorbing panels. These come in a number of finishes and colors and can deal with any sound-absorption issues. Panels are easily installed on walls and ceilings to soundproof offices.

The benefits of using SRS products for soundproofing offices, conference rooms or boardrooms are:

  • Very high acoustic performance
  • Easily installed
  • Wide range of solutions for any office environment
  • Cost effective
  • Long-established products.

At XS Applied Technologies, advice on soundproofing solutions for offices, conference rooms or boardrooms – or anywhere else – is absolutely free. For any questions, or to discuss your problem in more detail, call 732-807-4449 or email.

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