Hosted Phone Systems, WHAT IS VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls using the Internet. Instead of using traditional phone service which sends analog sound signals over copper wires, VoIP converts these signals to digital packages and sends them through your Internet connection.


WHAT EQUIPMENT XS Applied Technologies use?

There are many different phone brands in the market. Polycom is the industry leader for IP phones we also use Cisco Phones. Our preferred models are:

Polycom HD 450 Polycom HD 650 Polycom HD 6000
The 450 executive phone allows users to complete all tasks and use all available features. The 650 receptionist phone allows users to easily multitask and view all available extensions. The 6000 conference phone can connect up to 15 people in a medium size room.

1. VoIP dramatically reduces the cost per minute when you call out of state and international numbers. Nation Wide rates are un limited for a flat fee.

2. Flexibility is a must for any business looking to grow. With VoIP you can add additional lines, extensions, voicemails and phones without needing to run extra wires. Just get a new phone, configure and go.

3. VoIP features allow businesses to customize their network as much as they want. When someone calls, you can configure your number to ring in your office, home and mobile phone at the same time, forward calls to another extension when you are not available, setup ring groups, receive voicemail messages and faxes to your inbox and much more.

4. XS Applied Technologies has a private network to route all incoming and outgoing calls. We dedicate bandwidth specifically to your office for a reliable and high quality phone call, every time.

5. When you subscribe to our VoIP service you not only get a phone system. You have a full service team that will help you with the simplest request like moving a phone to a new office to setting up an automated attendant after hours. We make it our priority to provide excellent customer service. Call for more info 732-272-0022

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