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XS Applied Technologies knows that there is more to security than just designing security. Understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Whether these requirements are generated by day-to-day conditions, business needs or outside regulations and requirements, they must be considered when designing a surveillance system. With this philosophy always in mind, XS builds Honeywell security solutions that are specifically designed for your specific needs.


Airport SolutionsWith threat levels ranging from common vandalism to domestic terrorism, the security of our airports is paramount. Honeywell continually invests in emerging technologies such asfacial recognition to provide an integrated solution that can enhance perimeter protection as well as internal security. Whether you’re protecting a Category X or a Tier I airport, we can help link your systems together now—or create the flexibility to do so later on.


Banking SolutionsA financial institution’s reputation and success are based on how well it proves to customers that it can effectively protect their hard-earned assets and investments. Honeywell’s solutions are designed to provide security — and instill customer confidence — at every level. Our trusted experience, combined with the quality and reliability of our integrated security systems, allows our banking customers to meet their existing and emerging security challenges.Campus/University

Campus / University SolutionsPressure to strengthen safety at schools and university campuses continues to increase. From theft to serious personal crimes to vandalism, we understand your need to effectively secure your campus. Honeywell’s solutions work with products you have in place now to enhance your overall security and help you get the most out of your original investment. We help you protect the safety of your students, teachers and staff, while also protecting your school against incidents that can lead to litigation.

Commercial Office

Commercial OfficeWhether your security requirements are generated by day-to-day operations, specific business needs or outside regulations and requirements, they must all be taken into account when designing a system. We know there is more to security than equipment — understanding the environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that it has the capability to meet end user needs.


Financial SolutionsAs our global economy grows, so does your global presence—and that means you’re looking for an easier way to do business around the world. You need to protect offices and employees who are often scattered across the globe, so you need a security provider who has an international footprint. Honeywell’s trusted experience and worldwide credibility assures you that we can work with you on a corporate level to help coordinate your global security requirements.


Gaming SolutionsCasinos around the world face intense scrutiny from regulatory agencies, making an effective and reliable surveillance and security system crucial. Because performance and compliance are critical, many of the industry’s largest gaming institutions have placed their trust in Honeywell. We offer video solutions that provide clear surveillance of the cash rooms, gaming floor, restaurants and shops, office areas, etc.


Government SolutionsFrom elected officials and staff, civil servants, financial and property records and the personal information of citizens — the list of people, data and assets entrusted to government protection goes on and on. Whether it’s for a government building or legislative office, it’s important that your security system be scalable to adapt as your needs change. Honeywell can provide customized, integrated security solutions that meet the particular needs of your site, whether your agency is local, state, or federal.

Health Care

Healthcare SolutionsThe people of your community depend on you to deliver the care they need, 24/7. Honeywell helps protect your facilities around-the-clock so you can focus on your patients — patients who count on you every day of the week. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security technologies, Honeywell has been developing innovative security solutions for more than 50 years. That’s peace of mind for you — and the individuals, families and communities you serve.

House of Worship

House of Worship SolutionsMaintaining an open environment and welcoming atmosphere within the constraints of today’s budgets is a challenge for every religious institution. From the smallest chapels to the largest multi-site worship centers, Honeywell offers integrated security solutions that help you meet the challenge. We help you protect the safety of your congregation, staff and visitors—providing peace of mind while also protecting your facilities against incidents that disrupt worship.


With production costs rising and employee theft costing American businesses in excess of $50 billion a year, loss prevention is more important than ever. Honeywell is equipped to meet the security challenges that exist in large industrial environments. We can provide you with the best solutions to protect your property, inventory and employees, and reduce shrinkage. Honeywell offers ways to help safeguard your operations against the threat of vandalism, theft, fire and other hazards.

Life Sciences

Life-science SolutionsWe understand the sensitivity of your work in the life sciences industry — we know the handling of materials and products must be contained and controlled for public safety. And because the industry itself is so highly competitive, intellectual property must be kept secure. Your security should rest in the hands of an experienced and trusted supplier. Honeywell combines a proven history of global performance with the latest technology to deliver the security your organization needs.


Military SolutionsMilitary personnel. Civil servants. Citizens. Weapons. The list of people, property, and assets entrusted to military protection goes on and on. From small outposts to military cities that house hundreds of thousands of people, everything is a potential target. That’s why security systems must be ready to adapt as needed. Honeywell can offer you customized, mission critical security applications and systems that can adjust quickly to your changing needs and government regulations, including Homeland Security.


Residential SolutionsTo sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most—your home, your assets, and your family—are safe and secure. From fire, theft and flood protection, to services that keep families connected, Honeywell offers effective solutions to help you protect your safety and your property.


Whether you operate a jewelry store, convenience store, or supermarket, the bulk of your investment is tied up in overhead and inventory. Securing your inventory from theft, ensuring that every transaction is complete and legitimate, and optimizing employee productivity are keys to success in retail. Honeywell’s integrated solutions reduce shrinkage, protect assets and drive profitability.


Seaport SolutionsAs a cornerstone of the global economy, seaports transport goods swiftly and efficiently—but it places them high on the list of potential targets. The need for heightened security should be balanced with the need for fast throughput, and that’s why many seaports around the world have trusted Honeywell. For tighter integration that allows you to work with law enforcement and neighboring facilities, we set the standard for seaports all over the world.


Industrial SolutionsFrom vandalism to homeland security concerns, utilities face security issues that require an effective, well-designed security system. We understand that security issues can lead to service outages, lost income and harsh fines for noncompliance with federal and state regulations. From your headquarters to your main production facilities to remote substations, implementing an enterprise-wide security system is how Honeywell is working for you to help keep your employees—and the communities you serve—safe and secure.


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