CLOUD PBX Hosted Phone System

Upgrade your business phone system with a cloud PBX system from XS, priced efficiently to keep business expenses down. If you’re switching from a traditional phone service, you’re probably familiar with the on-premise PBX—the closet full of wires at your business.

The XS solution is hosted in the cloud, so we manage the cloud PBX (aka, virtual PBX or IP PBX) off site for you. So there’s never a need to install PBX equipment at your location, or schedule technician visits for upgrades or maintenance. As a result, you eliminate PBX installation and equipment costs, and the need to pay for service appointments at your office. We manage the system for you and administer all upgrades virtually.


Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems have removed the hardware and technology limitations of traditional phone service. With cloud hosting, the feature-enabling PBX is provided by software running on a cloud-based architecture, instead of fixed hardware in a company’s server closet. As a result, we’re able to constantly update our software to bring robust features and enhancements to our entire customer base—without needing to upgrade hardware or software at each customer location. You simply need high-speed internet to access our service.


  • No closet full of equipment. We host everything for you off-site.
  • High-quality, reliable voice and data over the internet
  • Efficient pricing with no on-site PBX equipment and installation
  • Easy setup and access anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection
  • System management and upgrades are handled virtually, with additional tech and customer support available 24/7.
  • Access to over 40 business critical features like Virtual Receptionist, Call Recording, Call Flip, Call Forwarding, Mobile Apps, and more
  • Seamlessly Integrates with the business applications and CRMs you use daily—to increase productivity.


Call to get a free quote on robust business phone solution from XS, and learn more about our Cloud PBX capabilities 732-272-0022.