The Management Group

XS is a comprised of four fully managed divisions. 

XS Low Voltage Division is the heart of any network installation, office move, building renovation etc. Egidio (E.J.) Enea is the managing partner for the LVC division, Egidio has extensive experience in all things Low Voltage from consultation to planning he is the a one stop shop for all things Low Voltage. XS L.V.C with over 10 years of experience can handle any and all of your Voice/Data/Audio/Video cabling job requirements. We have certified techs and installers to install and support Access Control Systems, Security Camera Systems, Building Automation Systems, POE LED Lighting Controls, building intercom systems and more.

Expert Support¬†managed by Jesus “JR” Rodriguez has been around since 2008 and was created as an IT shop. We have since evolved to support other security, advertising, etc. shops by configuring, installing and monitoring there customers. The MSP division handles the support for our other 3 divisions and it’s own direct clientele. With a factory and manufacture certified team in place Expert has built a reputation for reliability and customer service..

XS Energy Solutions is our Solar and Generator division managed by Sergio DeAlmeida. We concentrate on commercial and residential solar systems with Brands like Sun Power under our belt and over 10 years of experience in the field. Additionally Sergio manages our team of energy consultants. Our energy consultants have the ability to show your businesses 90% gains by reducing the consumption of energy in your business through POE LED lighting and Solar systems.