Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Does your business have a continuity plan?  A network diagram?  If not, where will you look when a problem arises?  Do you have a continuity plan to protect you from disasters – to keep you going even when you’re down?  XS Applied Technologies is all too familiar with disaster situations.  How do you stay in business during a snowstorm – a hurricane?  A fire that incinerates your office and everything in it? We’ve seen businesses – small and large – on the verge of ruin, because they weren’t prepared for a disaster.

XS Applied Technologies can design and administer your network infrastructure – or fortify your existing one, then put together a business continuity plan with a clear action plan to recover from a disaster.  Our virtual CIO’s are experts at designing cost effective solutions to ensure that your network infrastructure is resilient.

When your network is resilient, it means that your system can adapt to failure and resume normal operation once the failure has been resolved.  By deploying redundant elements – such as network switches, hard drive arrays, servers (both physical and virtual), and local access circuits – your infrastructure becomes more resilient and that can help reduce your downtime during a failure.

Some of the elements of your network that we will review include:

  • Data Backup & Database Replication
  • Image Backup & Virtualization
  • Redundant Systems
  • Hybrid Cloud (Check out our blog on Private Cloud)
  • Local Access and Failover
  • Voice Continuity (Click to learn more)

XS Applied Technologies offers an unbeatable value for your business.  Can you afford not to try us out?