Xima Chronicall for IP Office


Xima Software’s flagship solution, Chronicall, started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all-purpose call history, call recording, and real-time reporting software suite. Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software, and it does so by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends.With a simple, attractive interface and a flexible licensing model, Chronicall is easy to deploy and scale. A single inexpensive site license allows you to report on hundreds of agents, groups, trunks, and extensions with little to no phone system configuration required.Chronicall’s comprehensive custom report creator and fully customizable real-time views help organizations make informed business decisions and improve customer service. The software’s robust, modular design makes it easy to gather data from multiple sites or add extra functionality to meet the needs of each individual business.Since Chronicall’s original release in 2007, it has been in rapid and aggressive development. Today, Chronicall is being used across the globe to provide powerful statistics to a wide array of businesses, from small offices to large, distributed contact centers. With enterprise-class features and flexibility at a small business price, Chronicall is revolutionizing the call reporting industry.To see how Chronicall can make the most of your time and energy while improving the accuracy and efficiency of your call data, call us at 732-807-4449¬†sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

Cradle to Grave

As soon as Chronicall is installed, it begins recording detailed information about every call that enters or leaves your phone network. Cradle to Grave is an intuitive and simple way to view this information. It shows you exactly what happened to any call on your system from beginning to end. True Cradle to Grave reporting means that you can expand each and every call to view its Ringing, Talking, Queue, Hold, and Transfer events, as well as each agent, hunt group, and external party involved at each step along the way. You can sort, search, filter, and rearrange the tabular data or export it directly to a spreadsheet program for further analysis. Cradle to Grave is just one of many quality tools that separate Chronicall from the competition.

Standard Reports

At Xima Software, we know that collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it. Our developers have created over 50 accurate and vibrant reports, charts, and graphs that utilize everything from the simplest search criteria to some of the most detailed and specific statistics available from any call reporting software. You are free to run these reports as often as you like to find invaluable information on your calls, events, conferences, agents, groups, queues, and trunks.The Standard Reports module gives you access to these powerful reports and the intuitive Report Scheduler, which tells Chronicall to run reports automatically every hour, day, week, or month and send them to an email address or save them to a file.

Reports can be viewed or saved in many standard formats:

  • Adobe Reader (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls/.csv)
  • OpenOffice.org (.odt)
  • IE / Firefox / Chrome / Opera / Safari (.html)


When it comes to business, it’s important to have the right tools at the right time for the right job. Because of this, Chronicall was designed as modular software. This means that you can build a custom Chronicall software package to fit your needs; you can get the features you want without paying for the features you don’t want.Each basic installation of Chronicall includes our powerful and flexible Cradle to Grave interface and either the Standard Reports module or the Recording Library module. From there, Chronicall can be expanded with additional modules, including Custom Reports, Realtime, and Agent Dashboards.

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