Why IT Professionals Are Needed More Than Ever

Why IT Professionals Are Needed More Than EverIt can often seem like the world has gotten a lot more confusing when it comes to doing business. There are so many different types of technologies to keep the vast stream of information somewhat organized and ready for use. From email, to cloud computing, to different types of software for accounting, data tracking and storage, and organization, it can seem overwhelming. And now, there’s the additional hazard of our information not being secure with the rise of cyber attacks and malware. IT services have never been more in demand to help with all our technological questions and to keep our systems up and running smoothly. Their help allows us to focus on what’s most important — improving our business.
Practically every business today has a form of IT support. For smaller businesses, they may outsource to a larger firm to help them manage their IT. Larger businesses may have an entire IT department at their disposal as part of the company. Not only do IT professionals troubleshoot what might be going wrong with current services and help employees adapt to new software or technology, they’re also on the lookout for new software or technology that can help the business they work for run better and more efficiently.

They may introduce stronger security systems to keep sensitive information protected, update a company’s database for bigger and better storage capacities, and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Most employees would agree that they would be lost without the assistance of their IT colleagues and often rely on them for support and troubleshooting.

IT Services Keeping Our Businesses Safe. 
The Internet has provided many advantages to businesses and individuals, but has also presented us with a unique set of problems. A recent survey showed that almost 90% of small businesses had some kind of security breach just in 2012. The government has issued new compliance mandates in recent years (PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA) that make it mandatory for businesses to protect, track, and control access to confidential information. Yet, the government itself has had a nearly 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the last six years and nine out of every 1,000 computers are affected by spam.

About 80% of all breaches are because administrators don’t have strong enough passwords — and around 60% of employees are actually guilty of stealing proprietary corporate data when they quit or get fired. Out of the 60 billion emails sent every day, the majority (97%) are spam. So how to get around this massive problem?

IT security is here to help. Hopefully, IT professions will encourage the use of stronger passwords, and frequent changes of those passwords or login techniques, to avoid previous employees from being able to gain entry to the system. Better firewalls and malware detectors can help employees from opening spam in the first place and detecting threats or breaches before they happen.

They may also brief employees on what to do if a breach should occur and the steps that should be immediately taken if an employee suspects that one has happened.

What are the Best IT Marketing Techniques?
If you’re running an IT company, there’s probably no shortage of clientele — but how do you make yourself known to them? Even an IT company needs good marketing techniques to get ahead. Your online presence is important and you need to stay on top of current business trends.

If you’re a business owner, stay on top of your game and make sure you’re investing in a high quality IT department that knows their stuff.

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