Why is Network Security so important?

Securing the data on your network may not seem very important to you until you lose your data or the privacy of your data content because you have no security on your network.

Network SecurityNetwork data security needs to be a high priority when considering a network setup due to the growing threat of hackers trying to infect as many computers possible. For corporations large and small, security is important to prevent industry sabotage and espionage. Imagine what can happen if there is a network integrity breach at a bank, stock exchange, or other financial data base.

There are many tools, utilities and applications that are available to help you secure your networks. Other concerns about network security revolves around employee use of the network. Too many users downloading large amounts of data (e.g. watching video, streaming music) on a network can cause instability.

Companies like XS Applied Technologies have a wide range of products to ensure Data/IT security.

Many tools and devices can compromise your network for example routers, firewalls, cable modems,  printers, smartphones and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones. Depending upon the protocols your system uses, you may have even more devices linked to your network. From a security standpoint, if any of these devices are improperly configured they can leave your network exposed, open to outside threats.

Firewalls can help protect against some attacks, but certainly not all. Firewalls can be very effective at what they do. The people who set up and use them must have the knowledge of how they work, and also be aware of what they can and cannot protect.

Firewalls can prevent malicious attacks and reduce the risk of identity theft. While no network is ever 100% immune to attack, having a reliable network security system in place will greatly reduce the risk of a security breach that can compromise your system. At the same time constant monitoring of your network is just as important. By detecting abnormalities in your network you are able to preemptively find and contain these threats.

We only have to watch the local news to see examples of malicious attack on corporate or government networks. The latest example is Petya a variant of the ransomware WannaCry, hackers will go to unthinkable lengths to access your data no matter your company size.

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