XS Home Security Features

24/7 Professional Monitoring

24/7 Professional Monitoring + Police DispatchSecurity specialists guard your home
around-the-clock. Our monitoring service was named Central Station of the
Year for its speed and reliability (2014).


No Long-Term Contracts

No Long-Term ContractsThe ultimate guarantee. We earn your business everyday. We’re so
confident in our service that you’re free to leave any time.


Easy Set-Up

Easy Set-UpNo drilling, no tools, no installation fees. Anyone can set up XS Home Security & Automation in under an hour. Works in any size home.



Triple Safeguard

Unmatched Safeguard XS Home works even if an intruder smashes your keypad, cuts your
home phone line, or if you lose power. Its wire free connection sends alerts in seconds.


Control From Your Phone

Control From Your PhoneControl your system from anywhere with your
smartphone or laptop, plus get customizable text alerts.


Pet Friendly Protection

Pet Friendly ProtectionOur motion sensors are designed to detect the specific heat
signature of humans, so even the furriest members of your family
can enjoy 24/7 home security.

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