Home Automation

The Helix platform is a revolutionary new architecture. Install Helix anywhere in the home providing a more discreet, secure, and cost-effective installation. Helix provides security and automation with breakthrough performance.

Helix is the first professional security panel designed to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a customer’s mobile device. The Helix architecture knocks down costly hurdles dealers face when installing a security system. Unlike a hybrid panel, dealers don’t need to pull wires for peripheral devices or other sensors. Helix also eliminates the need to compete for entrance wall space near a power outlet, a challenge for existing self-contained security offerings. Helix can be installed in an office, entertainment center or even a closet. This reduces installation costs, while providing the benefits of locating the panel in a discreet, secure location.

Every Helix system comes standard with a secured and supervised Ethernet connection. This link enables central station reporting and interactive controls using the homeowner’s broadband if desired. Optional WiFi, GSM and CDMA cards are available providing primary or back up communication channels for both CS reporting and interactive services.

Next Generation Technology

Direct Alarm Communication

With SecureNet’s fully encrypted private network, your security system communicates directly to the central station. No NOC, relaying or signal forwarding provides significantly faster and more reliable alarm transport.


Get instant response security and home control without frustrating delays. Receive real-time 2-way feedback from all devices.

Advanced Network Supervision

Don’t wait until the next day — know within up to 5 minutes if your security system is offline with SecureNet’s Advanced Network Supervision.

Panel Sabotage Protection

SecureNet’s Patent-pending panel sabotage protection provides an additional layer of protection to your security system.

Cryptix Wireless Sensors

6+ year battery life and 1500ft open air range. Cryptix encryption technology

Flexible Configuration

Internal communication cards can be mixed-and-matched, with options for CDMA, GSM, IP and WiFi, as well as Z-Wave and translator cards for system take-overs.

Ethernet and Bluetooth® LE receivers come standard. Local control provides unmatched system response times.

The best variety of wireless sensors in class