The Evolution of the Conference Room

Tech Timeline

It seems like everyday brings some exciting new technology to the market.  If you take a step back, you can see how rapidly technology has changed during the past 20 years.  The evolution has been fantastic.  In today’s post, let’s take a look at how the meeting room has grown.

The Remarkable Evolution

Every aspect of the office has seen a remarkable evolution in technology.  Many businesses that have embraced the evolution have flourished because of the edge they have gained on their competitors.  As we move closer to the 20’s, our devices will continue to shrink due to the introduction of nanotechnology.  They will become exclusively reliant on wireless networking.  The conference room will be replaced by the collaboration center.  Projectors will be replaced by interactive whiteboards.  Desktop telephones and computers will be scrapped and replaced by soft-phones, wireless headsets, hidden microphones and 2-in-1’s.

Workers are bring their tablets to meetings – instead of pens and pads.  They are connected to a private network within seconds of entering.  And they are streaming content to the 80″ touchscreen before taking a seat.  They’re in full control with a tap or swipe.

Tomorrow’s Office

By the time you open your eyes tomorrow morning, your office will look like something out of science fiction movie.  And due to the move to a clutter-free workplace, we will find ourselves in a world of invisible tech.  As a result, tomorrow’s conference room might be completely virtual, perhaps nonexistent.  Participants might not be tied to an office rather out and about.  The conference host might be walking down Broadway or in their self-driving electric car on their way home.


One Step at a Time

While we await the imminent arrival at the world of virtual conferencing there’s some cool new tech that you might find in your office by the end of the week!  The 4K OLED Displays will be replaced by “look-thru” monitors, that when not in use, appear to be nothing more than a pane of glass.  They can be mounted in front of a sculpture, or a display case.  Tomorrow’s conference room is nothing short of a work of art.

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