How to create your own OneNote template

Creating a custom template in OneNote is an excellent way to speed up your workflow. You can just create a new page using your pre-set templates, so you can start working right away without having to adjust any of your page settings beforehand.

How to create your own OneNote template:

  • Add a new page from the +Add Page button on the right hand side of your screen.
  • To adjust the size of your page, click on Paper Size and set the desired paper size and print margins.
  • Add any headings you’d like. When you save these into a template, they will appear whenever you create a new page from that template.
  • Once you’ve added all your content, head back to the paper size pane and click on “Save current page as a template.” Give the template a name that will make it easy to find later, and then save it.

How to use your OneNote template:

  • From a new blank page, select the Insert tab > Page Templates.
  • If you want to use the one you just created, click on My Templates and find yours.  

How to modify a pre-made OneNote template:

If you’re looking for something that’s similar to one of the templates already available within OneNote but don’t want to create one from scratch, you can just modify a pre-made template.

  • Open a new page, and open a pre-made template by selecting Insert tab > Page Templates.
  • Make your changes (e.g., change the paper size, add content to the template, etc).
  • Click “Save current page as a template.” You’ll be able to save a version of your edits to the existing templates.

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