Why Businesses Are Choosing Managed Services

Business owners are always looking for more efficient ways to conduct their everyday business activities. Whether it’s through the use of cloud computing and storage solutions, the BYOD trend, or by hiring remote employees; leveraging these solutions are making everyday operations easier to tackle.

However, one area of concern that many business owners find hard to control is their IT operations. Business that don’t have enough skilled IT specialists find that they suffer more downtime, run higher risks of software glitches, and are susceptible to more security breaches. This is why millions of businesses worldwide choose managed service Providers.

A managed IT company monitors a business’s servers and other computer data. This is done to improve security, catch potential glitches before they cause downtime, and maintain a working system through consistent updates and security scans. The biggest issue that businesses have when considering a managed IT service Provider is entrusting the (MSP) with their valuable information. For that reason, many businesses choose to hire in-house IT teams.

Unfortunately internal IT departments are not a wise or even feasible option for the majority of businesses. The downside to hiring a large team of IT specialists is the costs that are associated with operations, as well as the downtime experienced when bringing them up-to-speed. But if you have data that you feel is too sensitive to trust to an outside company, what other option do you have?

The good news is that, with a solid MSP, this is not a concern. Most MSPs are HIPAA compliant and up-to-date on privacy legislation, meaning your data is secure. And rather than outsourcing your IT concerns completely to an outside team or hiring a larger in-house team, you are essentially co-sourcing your IT management, leaving some control in the hands of your employees. MSPs aren’t out to eradicate your internal teams; they’re there to support them.

Co-sourcing allows your in-house IT team to work closely with the outsourced team (the MSP). The benefits you’ll leverage through co-sourcing your IT management include:

  • reduced IT costs (since you can choose your budget);
  • more focus on your customers and staff;
  • obtaining the help of qualified, trained individuals;
  • improved efficiency;
  • timely patch management;
  • reduced security risks; and more.

At XS , we work with your IT team to provide you with the best level of service. Not only will you obtain the benefits mentioned, but you’ll also gain added security through our preventative maintenance services. We keep a close eye on all of your critical IT applications, ensuring a reduced risk of downtime or security breaches. We also offer access to our knowledgeable consultants everyday, should any need arise outside of normal business hours. Your employees will also have quick access to our support team to help with immediate issues.

As you can see, co-sourcing your IT management services can improve every aspect of your business as well as your business’s data security. Call today to get a free assessment 732-807-4449 or email us at jr@xsaptec.com



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