Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider

Businesses are increasingly turning to the solutions of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in order to streamline their operations and improve upon their ITĀ responsiveness. Here are five benefits of switching to a managed service provider rather than having in-house IT department.

1. Proactive and Innovative Solutions

Most organizations with in-house IT personnel must focus their staff on putting out fires. Working with an MSP gives a business the opportunity to be more proactive, letting them focus their IT staff on innovation and revenue-generating activities. The MSP can handle mundane tasks such as help desk tickets and system monitoring while the IT department focuses on the organization’s long-term development and goals.

2. Saving On Costs

Rather than having to pay a dedicated IT team regardless of how often they are needed, an MSP allows an organization to only pay for the hours of IT time they actually need. MSPs are often more affordable than keeping an on-premise IT team and don’t require that the employer invest in benefits or training.

3. Improving Vendor Management

A managed service provider is able to interface with vendors on behalf of a business, ensuring that operations run smoothly and working as an advocate and assistant for any issues that the business encounters. This becomes increasingly critical for organizations who work with extensive third-party applications. The MSP thus begins to operate as a simple first point of contact for any troubleshooting and administrative issues.

4. Helping an Organization Scale

Scaling too quickly is often a problem for businesses. MSPs are solutions that can be scaled without an investment in new infrastructure; therefore, an MSP lets a business scale upwards without the risk of over-extending. If a business then needs to reduce its scale quickly, it can do so; an MSP allows for rapid restructuring of IT services and resources.

5. Providing Specialized and Knowledgeable Employees

An MSP comes complete with a diverse staff of both knowledgeable and specialized employees. With an in-house IT team, it’s usually required that a business instead hire a generalist or a few broad spectrum IT team members to cover all of their needs. An MSP allows for a business to quickly connect with security, network, and other enterprise specialists.

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