An Innovative Use Of The ISONAS Access Control


An Innovative Use Of The ISONAS Access Control:  Approached by hospital administrative officials, we were charged with the goal of using IP access control to secure a patients personal effects.

They wanted a cost effective, efficient solution that included providing computerized logs of who and when effects are handled.

We developed the following protocol for hospital personnel:

  • Credentials are presented to the ISONAS PowerNet
  • A “Selection Code” (single digit: 1,2,3 or 4) is entered
  • The appropriate locker’s latch(s) are then released(3 latches release for the 12 locker configuration)
  • The system automatically logs when the cabinet door opens

For a 12 door configuration the opened door’s “set letter” is also logged.

  • Cabinet doors relock after “x” seconds
  • And an optional Video System integration supports recording annotated visual verification of the hospital’s handling of the patients effects.

The PowerNet’s Standalone capabilities are leveraged, assuring that the service to the patient is not dependent on the availability of the hospital’s computer staff or network.

Just another example of how the ISONAS IP Access Control system is not just for front doors!

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